SageTV 6 On CentOS 5

SageTV CentOS 5 Install Guide

  A while back I mentioned that I was in the process of possibly switching from MythTV to SageTV.  I want to keep the main server running Linux because I feel it is a more stable environment than Windows.  Plus, due to the low OS overhead, it allows me to continue using an older PC.  The down side to all […]

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D-Link DSM-330 DivX Connected Extender


DivX made its name as the first truly popular way to pirat…err….watch compressed movies over your computer. It caused tons of hassles for those of us who had built lower powered HTPC’s, only to have lip sync or stuttering problems as our poor left over 400MHz CPU’s could not handle it. My how times have changed… DivX is arguably the defacto […]

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Zalman 8700 & VF900 Quicky Review


The products in today’s quicky review are the Zalman CNPS8700 LED low-profile all copper CPU cooler and the Zalman VF900-Cu VGA cooler. Both heat sinks are radial-finned heatsink coolers made for the quiet computing enthusiast. Or in our case :), the HTPC enthusiast. Zalman has been well known around these parts because of their CNPS7000 series of CPU coolers; lets see if they […]

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Native QAM With SageTV / HDHomeRun

SageTV Title Pic

  With the latest beta release of SageTV 6.4.6 along with a beta version of the HDHomeRun software and firmware, it is now possible to natively tune QAM channels.  This means that the artificial 68 channel limit imposed by the previous mapping method is no longer an issue.  For those with a HDHomeRun that would like to pursue native QAM […]

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Lothar’s Build Log R0.2.1


Well, it’s official.  I now have a Mythtv frontend running under Windows.  It’s not all peaches and cream though.  Right now it’s just the frontend software running.  I don’t have any plugins going, and the backend is running on my linux server.  The frontend is now working well enough that I have it connected to the tv and the AV […]

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Lothar’s Build Log R0.2


Welcome to another exciting episode of my life.  When last you saw, our daring young hero (me) was struggling to get video drivers working under Linux that would actually allow video playback in Mythtv to run smoothly.  We’re talking your run-of-the-mill, standard def content.  After struggling with it for a week, I decided to move on to Virtualization so that […]

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The Daily Button – July 22nd, 2008

Welcome to another edition of the world famous Daily Button. Thanks to our sponsor cyberestore,com for making this happen. You can check out cyberestore for your tuner card needs (HDHomeRun or Dual ATSC\QAM Fusion 7 tuner?), or your HTPC case needs . Along with all of the HTPC goodness, they also have accessories such as reasonably priced cables, coax connectors, […]

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