SageTV 6 On CentOS 5

SageTV CentOS 5 Install Guide

  A while back I mentioned that I was in the process of possibly switching from MythTV to SageTV.  I want to keep the main server running Linux because I feel it is a more stable environment than Windows.  Plus, due to the low OS overhead, it allows me to continue using an older PC.  The down side to all […]

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D-Link DSM-330 DivX Connected Extender


DivX made its name as the first truly popular way to pirat…err….watch compressed movies over your computer. It caused tons of hassles for those of us who had built lower powered HTPC’s, only to have lip sync or stuttering problems as our poor left over 400MHz CPU’s could not handle it. My how times have changed… DivX is arguably the defacto […]

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