Help Wanted! Graphics Expert!


As a few of you are aware, we are working towards a new site launch :). Along with the new forum functionality and a new site design, we are looking to revamp the look of The Daily Button by adding logos rather then using text. Lets face it, The Daily Button needs a facelift, and my artistic skills leave a […]

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A Race To The Bottom: Intel DG45FC

With a title like this, I was expecting Intel’s newest IGP to suck the hind tit. Chris’ testing shows a different story. Some initial testing shows a 28% CPU usage playing back H.264 content. The DG45 will be available in mATX and mini-ITX :). Good news for client HTPCs :). Morley Digital Just to be sure, I did test the […]

Read more – DVD Artwork For Your HTPC App

austin.jpg is a simple site dedicated to nothing more then nice looking DVD artwork for HTPC applications. Right now they have a thousand + DVD covers that should cover the most popular DVDs available. The average resolution is 521X720 pixels so you won’t have to put up with scaled down crappy pictures we have come to know and love :). […]

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