Help Wanted! Graphics Expert!


As a few of you are aware, we are working towards a new site launch :). Along with the new forum functionality and a new site design, we are looking to revamp the look of The Daily Button by adding logos rather then using text. Lets face it, The Daily Button needs a facelift, and my artistic skills leave a lot to be desired :). Below is an example of what we are sorta looking for.

 Microsoft has announce that will be the new community for all things Digital Media. In other news, Alan has announced his retirement! 

As you can plainly see, that is a poorly resized Windows Logo:). We hope to do this a little more professionally:). We have a few other projects such as a watermark that you could work on. As you can tell by all the very large corporate advertisers, we don’t have the resources to pay a whole lot :). 

Of course, if you choose to help us out, your work will be seen on The Daily Button and other site related articles. If you are interested, contact myself at alan at