Zalman 8700 & VF900 Quicky Review


The products in today’s quicky review are the Zalman CNPS8700 LED low-profile all copper CPU cooler and the Zalman VF900-Cu VGA cooler. Both heat sinks are radial-finned heatsink coolers made for the quiet computing enthusiast. Or in our case :), the HTPC enthusiast. Zalman has been well known around these parts because of their CNPS7000 series of CPU coolers; lets see if they […]

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Native QAM With SageTV / HDHomeRun

SageTV Title Pic

  With the latest beta release of SageTV 6.4.6 along with a beta version of the HDHomeRun software and firmware, it is now possible to natively tune QAM channels.  This means that the artificial 68 channel limit imposed by the previous mapping method is no longer an issue.  For those with a HDHomeRun that would like to pursue native QAM […]

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