The Media Center Show #166 – HP on Windows Home Server Updates

Ian covers a plethora of topics and brings in an expert from HP to discuss the latest Power Pack release for Windows Home Server which fixes the nasty data corruption bug.

Show Times:

00:50 Coming up this week
01:37 Email – Which Extender has the best WAF
03:45 Email – Media Center on Windows Server 2008?
04:10 Ed Bott on running Windows Home Server in a virtual machine
05:11 Email – Dual tuner problems
07:42 Question from the form: Network problems after a rebuild
08:44 Tweak Vista Media Center with Tweak MC
09:44 Charlie Owen on Historical Perspectives on DVD Streaming Feature
10:30 EngadgetHD: Windows Media Center TV Pack was released yesterday
10:55 How to Remove The Microsoft Games in Program Library
11:20 Heatwave Weather App
11:54 Microsoft needs a coherent digital lifestyle strategy
15:56 Catch me on Twitter
16:05 Planning for the future
17:04 Welcome to Allan Buckner
18:05 What is in Power Pack 1
20:41 What is in the HP update
25:00 New Media Streaming software
26:41 How to get the updates
28:43 Windows Vista x64 support
30:45 Thanks To Allan 

Listen to the show here .