Netflix Integration with Xbox 360 in Fall Update

Coming out of the press conferences at E3, it looks like Netflix integration is coming to an Xbox 360 near you. Originally only supporting SD but there is somemention that as Netflix migrates to streaming HD the Xbox might support it. Engadget For now, Netflix will only stream in about-SD resolution. As Netflix transitions to HD, Microsoft said it stands […]

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Lothar’s Build Log R0.1 RC1


Well, I told you that I would keep you all updated in with my new frontend build.  So here’s the first report card.   As you will recall, there were three goals I wanted to achieve with this setup: Run Mythtv (replace the old frontend) Store all (or most) of my DVDs on the HDD Virtualization So far, I’ve accomplished… pretty […]

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Warner launches Blu-ray pricing promotion

The Digital Bits has a bit of good news for Blu-ray disc prices from Warner The Digital Bits The other bit of good news is that Warner Home Video is apparently going to be dropping the price of their Blu-ray Disc software in the 4th quarter, as part of an aggressive holiday sales push. Starting in September, consumer prices for […]

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SageTV V6.4.5 Beta

SageTV, perhaps the master of releasing timely updates, have released another beta for you to gnaw on. We have a good idea what is happening with 6.4, now we want to know what Version 7.0 will hold :). Beta Announcement Oh and grab that new extender firmware update! It fixes a crashing problem! Some of the major additions (for V6.4, […]

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The Somewhat Daily Button – July 11th, 2008

I know :). The Daily Button has been slacking and likely to remain that way until the new site launches. I know I don’t like it, but last time I checked, cloning techniques were not that advance;) Home Automation News: mControl gets UPB driver & mPanel beta untis are out @ Chris L Roku News: Could the Netflix player by […]

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From Myth to Sage

Anyone who has been around this site for a while probably knows that I openly support Linux.  The fact that I learn best by tinkering makes this OS a natural fit for me.  Program doesn’t work as advertised?  Bust out the code and see what damage can be done.  What’s the worst that could happen??  Fortunately, this wild abandon is […]

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The Perfect Extender

The perfect extender! Is there one to satisfy us all? I doubt it, but based on recent reviews, I think there is lot of potential to improve upon existing designs that are in the marketplace today. File Format There are a million and one different ways to encode a video. I have alot of respect for communities that slice and […]

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Site Update :)

As always, it seems like, news is a little slow. I have been spending alot of my time working with John (mostly talking his ear off) about the site upgrade and even piddling around with a graphics program! A very dangerous thing as I am graphically challenged. I put out a request to the community for a hand in this […]

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Pioneer Elite Kuro PRO-111FD- HD GURUâ„¢ First Review


Lucky man and industry professional Gary "HD Guru" Merson has gotten his hands on one of the newest 9th generation Pioneer "Kuro" plasmas. These babies boast even darker blacks then the already very impressive 8th generation Kuro and a thinner bezel too. HDGuru So, how does the overall picture quality stack up?  To quote Tina Turner, it’s “simply the best” HDTV I have […]

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GBPVR & The Popcorn Hour


Sub has been pretty damn near legendary of his support in capture cards (including one of the first to support HD-PVR) and extenders such as Hauppauge’s MVP. He has taken this skill and extended this to the Popcorn Hour Extender. In this case, the Popcorn Hour acts as a GB-PVR client\extender and will stream most anything you throw at it […]

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