Site Update :)

As always, it seems like, news is a little slow. I have been spending alot of my time working with John (mostly talking his ear off) about the site upgrade and even piddling around with a graphics program! A very dangerous thing as I am graphically challenged. I put out a request to the community for a hand in this area and being the kick ass community you guys are, someone offered up to help us :). YAY! In the end, we hope to have a nicer looking Daily Button and some other graphic enhancements!

We plan on making a switch to a speedier server in about a week. After that, we will continue on with the site upgrade in hopes of a Sept. 1st launch :). There will be a few new features but out real goal is to have a platform that will make future upgrades and feature enhancements a whole lot easier :).

One feature that I am looking for is a monthly news submission contest :). Yay for prizes.

We have a couple of great reviews up as well.

Matt reviewed Arcsoft’s Total Media Theater

Mike reviewed HP’s MediaSmart Connector

I have a bunch of stuff in house to do some testing on. If you want me to do any tests on the below hardware, let me know!

  • C2D E7200
  • ASUS HD Radeon 4850
  • Asus P5Q motherboard
  • Corsair  450VX PSU
  • Avermedia Hybrid Bravo QAM TV card
  • Movie cataloging and MCE plugin

Busy time for me :).

Along with the server stuff, John has a few SageTV articles in the work :).

Thanks again for your readership!