ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre


ArcSoft has had the buzz for the last few months in the HTPC Blu-ray player world. Out of the nether regions of photo slide show software, a lesser known company, ArcSoft has developed their own Blu-ray and HD DVD playback solution called TotalMedia Theatre. It includes all the features a player should have and some features only ArcSoft has implemented. Click on for […]

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Acer Aspire X1200 HTPC mini-PC

For a mere $450, Acer is rolling out a Blu-ray capable HTPC/mini-tower. For this price, you get a nicely equipped unit with a GeFroce 8200 motherboard (8-channel audio, hardware decode of H.264 and VC-1 CODECS). This is a pretty could entry price for a client-HTPC or DVD/Blu-ray library with a couple of HDHomeruns :). Engadget Acer promises full 7.1-channel audio […]

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i♥Control (iLoveControl) will be available at the App Store on July 11th

 i♥Control, an iPhone and iPod Touch application that provides control of Home Automation Systems will be available for download from Apple’s App Store on July 11th, 2008.  i♥Control ( iLoveControl ) is the remote control you have been waiting for. i♥Control allows you to control the various components of your home theater or you home automation system. You can control […]

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Sapphire HD 4850 Review

InsideHW It’s rare occasion to have on test, on the same month, new generation products from two big rivals (nVIDIA and ATI). This is really good news because ATI had some serious delays with R600 and that is one of reasons why it was so indifferently received on market. ATI realized that now must roll up its sleeves to catch […]

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Not Your Father’s PC Speaker Review

Never have I ever seen or read such a grandiose lead-in to a review.  If you’re into esoteric audio then the prologue will be of more interest to you than the actual review of the PC speakers. Mad Shrimps If you have happened across this article, you are probably an electronics buff on some level even if you’re not aware […]

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Upgrading Your Home Theater for Blu-ray

You think you are prepared for Blu-ray? Well if you have a few remaining doubts, Electronic House has an article that will help you upgrade your Home Theater in preparation for Blu-ray. Electronic House Just as Windows Vista requires your computer to have a certain processor speed, hard drive size and video resolution, there are similar “minimum system requirements” to […]

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Windows Media Center Gadgets for Windows SideShow Beta!

I would go off into some sarcastic saying about how maybe finally the Ricavision remote might ship…finally….after a looooong delay. But hey, I’m just happy to see Microsoft make good on the promise of Sideshow…finally. Sign up for the open beta if you want to play with it. Windows SideShow Team -Browse the TV Guide and schedule recordings. Browse Recorded […]

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HP’s MediaSmart Connect Extender


HP has always been involved in Media Center, since the early days of their z-line of PC’s which really wanted to be placed into the living room. Times have changed, and things are different at HP, but with the introduction of the Media Smart line of products they have shifted gears in how they attack the market. HP initially released […]

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