EngagetHD asks “Are there two Vista Media Center updates due this year?”

Only days after Engaget confirmed that the big features most of us Media Center enthusiasts were looking for namely — H.264 support, which lays the foundation for DirecTV support and the Hauppauge HD-PVR, were not coming in the Update Pack for VMC. It is now coming out that there may indeed be a second major update to Vista Media Center before Windows 7 to include the absent H.264 support.


When the recent Windows Media Center TV Packrelease candidate 0 was released to testers and was missing all of our favorite features, we were quick to assume that this would mean no new features until Windows 7. Well, based on some recent information received by our sources, the reason H.264 was cut was because it was too complex to add — because of all the dependencies involved — in time. You see, evidently this tuner update was promised to be released to OEMs by the end of July.

Click the link for the full details on the upcoming update (including good news about mixing tuner types and numbers of tuners supported) and the rumors of a second update.