Congrats on the Systm Mention! Episode 59 – Install Blu-ray on your HTPC

"Just wanted to let you guys know of a mention of your great site on the revision3 show Systm. They mention the article about making an MCE remote work with Cyberlink PowerDVD for Blu-ray playback.

Well done again"


With Blu-Ray drives selling for as little as $129 it makes sense to include one in your next HTPC build. You’ll get access to true 1080p content unmolested by digital TV providers and provide justification for that pricey HDTV you just bought. Adding Blu-Ray isn’t rocket science, but it does have its share of potential pitfalls. So follow along as Pat breaks it down for you in simple and easy-to-understand steps.

Editors note: Missing Remote gets the mention at the 14:07 mark