Help Wanted! Graphics Expert!


As a few of you are aware, we are working towards a new site launch :). Along with the new forum functionality and a new site design, we are looking to revamp the look of The Daily Button by adding logos rather then using text. Lets face it, The Daily Button needs a facelift, and my artistic skills leave a […]

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A Race To The Bottom: Intel DG45FC

With a title like this, I was expecting Intel’s newest IGP to suck the hind tit. Chris’ testing shows a different story. Some initial testing shows a 28% CPU usage playing back H.264 content. The DG45 will be available in mATX and mini-ITX :). Good news for client HTPCs :). Morley Digital Just to be sure, I did test the […]

Read more – DVD Artwork For Your HTPC App

austin.jpg is a simple site dedicated to nothing more then nice looking DVD artwork for HTPC applications. Right now they have a thousand + DVD covers that should cover the most popular DVDs available. The average resolution is 521X720 pixels so you won’t have to put up with scaled down crappy pictures we have come to know and love :). […]

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No DirectTV Until 2010 for VMC?

The buzz around the latest VMC beta certainly isn’t encouraging and EngadgetHD is reporting, not from official sources, that DirectTV support is not expected until 2010. To make matters worse, Hauppauge’s HDPVR is not slated for support until the same time frame. The last piece of good news is that the Beta package will be released to OEM installers only. […]

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Microsoft Takes Over The Green Button

I can’t really comment if Microsoft’s taking over TGB will be a good thing or a bad thing. Only time will tell! My hunch is that the whole deal will be a wash. The increased Microsoft presence should offset a community site being run by a corporation. Chris Lanier Other changes will be coming, but as the official announcement states […]

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What is switched digital video (SDV)?

Switched Digital Video, whether we like it or not, is the future of cable installation. What does this mean too HTPC/TiVo owners? EngadgetHD breaks it down for us in a simple to digest article. EngadgetHD In the past, this practice has worked a-okay since each additional analog or digital SD channel only required a small amount of extra bandwidth; now, […]

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Site News – Upgrade Edition

As a few of you might know, we are undergoing a site upgrade. The goal behind our initial release was to update our CMS platform and forums to a more recent release. This would give us the framework neccessary to continue to add cool new features to our kick-ass community. Neither of us were wearing our PHB (pointy-haired boss) hats […]

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Lothar’s Build Log R0.01

I recently reported here that the motherboard that I have been using in my frontend system for the last year or two has been acting up on me.  Well, after RMAing it for the third time over the same issue, I have decided that enough is enough and replaced it.  The problem that I ran into was that the old […]

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The Daily Button – Canada Day Edition

Welcome to another edition of The Daily Button :). We are hard at work behind the scenes banging away at our site upgrade :). We aplogize for the lack of content but we feel this is a worth while endeavour :). Today’s Button is brought to you by the fine folks at Big Screen Global and Check out Big […]

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Firewire Recording with your Cable Box and SageTV

This guide is a repost of my original guide over at Broken links have been updated, no other real changes have been made. This repost is brought on by a resurgence of firewire related questions in my PM box so I thought I should bring this back up and also remind people that it’s 2 years old. Some improvements […]

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