No DirectTV Until 2010 for VMC?

The buzz around the latest VMC beta certainly isn’t encouraging and EngadgetHD is reporting, not from official sources, that DirectTV support is not expected until 2010. To make matters worse, Hauppauge’s HDPVR is not slated for support until the same time frame. The last piece of good news is that the Beta package will be released to OEM installers only.

The main features, which seem pretty underwhelming when you consider what the community is clammering for, is additional HD support, limited QAM support, and 16X9 thumbnails.


The ability to control the tuners has also been improved, we hear you’ll finally be able to assign an OTA channel to any channel number you want — so channel 28 can finally be 28, instead of 1281. This is supposed to also help in resolving scheduling conflicts since you can have more than one source for each channel (aka OTA and cable). Another thing we’re not sure if it’s good or bad is DVR-MS is gone and is replaced with WTV, so hopefully 3rd parties like VideoReDo and DVRMSToolBox can adapt to the new format.