SageTV V6.4.5 Beta

SageTV, perhaps the master of releasing timely updates, have released another beta for you to gnaw on. We have a good idea what is happening with 6.4, now we want to know what Version 7.0 will hold :).

Beta Announcement

Oh and grab that new extender firmware update! It fixes a crashing problem!

Some of the major additions (for V6.4, not specific to this build):

-Support for the Hauppauge HD PVR
-Automatic STVI Generation in the SageTV Studio
-EXIF metadata/thumbnail support for JPEGs
-new file system & network browser
-H.264 videos from YouTube
-High definition photo display on the STX-HD100
-File transfers to/from Placeshifter clients
-editing of aspect ratios on the fly for the STX-HD100
-lots of bugs fixes & performance enhancements