Live Q & A with Mike Garcen

Our man with the microphone, the ever impressive Mike Garcen, will be on Ian Dixon’s famous podcast for a Live Q&A session. I dare anyone to ask if Mike records "Adult shows" ;). Mike does a great job and I encourage you to head on over and listen to this session. Ian Dixon’s announcement Just remember, I tought him everything […]

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MPAA: Don’t limit our ability to close analog outputs

Everyone’s favorite trade group is at it again! This time they want the ability to shut down analog connections on set top boxes for specific events. The group mentions that this will give the security needed to allow providers to show movies before the appear on DVD. It certainly doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this clearly falls […]

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Life With a Plugin, Episode 13: TVTonic Olympics


Ok, so I know that I just recently covered TVTonic , but then they went ahead and released probably the coolest and well implemented plugin in all of Media Center–Olympics!! If you haven’t already noticed, Vista Media Center (U.S. only, sorry international folks) now has under it’s Online Spotlight, a central icon for the Olympics. Clicking on that link entered […]

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