Lian Li XB01 – Xbox 360 Case


More then a few of you guys and gals have 360s for your extender, so I figured this Lian Li’s XB01 Xbox 360 case might be worth a look. It surely is a tad expensive, but when you consider the significant other fact, it maybe worth the money.


Yes, the first after-market case for the Xbox 360 has arrived, ready to rescue us from a world of painfully noisy cooling, red rings of death and overheating. At least, we hope. Taking your 360 apart will invariably void your warranty after all, so that extended three year RRoD warranty will go right out the window if you even attempt to transfer your console to the XB01.

While in extender mode, I don’t find the noise over bearing. Of course, my cable box is just as loud and hot so my comparisons are probably a little off.