The Daily Button – Janurary 26th, 2008

Here is a quick summary of our latest guides/reviews/blog posts 🙂

OrigenAE S16 Review

Life With a Plugin, Episode 4: MCE Weather

Life With a Plugin, Episode 3: MCE Browser

Life With a Plugin, Episode 1: MyMovies

Planning Your Media Center PC: Choosing Your TV Source

HTPC Buying Guide: Graphics Cards

HTPC Buying Guide: Processors

Adding HD DVD (or Blu-ray) to your HTPC

Blog: Alan’s Building Log Episode #4

Blog: Why Softsled shall always remain a myth

Blog: Alan’s Building Log Episode #3

High Def DVD News: Chris Lanier’s thoughts on Native Blu-ray/ HD DVD

High Def DVD News: Golden Compass is planned for Blu-ray @ High Def Digest 

High Def DVD News: Topp selling high def discs @ Engadget HD 

TV News: Get your TV from Netflix @ Brent Evan’s Geek Tonic

Media Center News: AMD announces Active TV PC to TV platform @ PVRWire 

Online Move Rental News: Vudu lowers price to compete with AppleTV 

Amplifier News: Lexicon ZX-7 7 channel amp review @ Secrets of HIFI & HT 

Speaker News: Theory of Speaker-lution (Why do they make new speaker models) @ Sound & Vision 

Speaker News: Connection guide for multi-sub system @ Audioholics

Video Card News: AMD Radeon 3850 & 3870 review @ X-bit Labs 

Video Card News: MSI 8800GT Zilent review @ CPU3D 

Case News: Thermaltake Bach HTPC case review @ Dragon Steel Mods 

CPU News: VIA’s Isaiah CPU architecture preview @ Hardocp