The Daily Button – Janurary 15th, 2008

I will be out of town tomorrow and the day after, so I am going to beg and plead for someone to take over the news for a couple of days :). Our next review will post Monday, in the mean time read a few of our recent articles. 

S16V Unboxing 

Life With a Plugin, Episode 3: MCE Browser

Life With a Plugin, Episode 2: DVR-MS Toolbox 

Life With a Plugin, Episode 1: MyMovies 

Top Ten Things You Can Do With A Media Center PC

Internet Streaming News: Engadget has AppleTV Take 2 news all over the place.

Zune News: New collection of Artwork debuts on Zune Originals @ Chris L.

CPU News: [H]ardocp has more news on the TLB erratum problem AMD has been having.

CPU News: E1200 dual-core Celeron review @ X-bit