Will RIAA Succeed in Killing Internet Radio?

The RIAA is at it again, this time around their aim is to destroy Internet Radio. Its not hard to see they are out to kill any sort of innovative use of the Internet and music. They want to charge royalties of about $5 per month per listener by 2010. That is pretty dang high if you ask me.

From the blog post:

It looks like it might. The US Copyright Royalty Board recently announced new royalty rates for webcasting, and it looks like the RIAA associated SoundExchange
proposal was the main influence. The new rates are high – to say the
least – amounting to 1.28 cents per hour, per listener, retroactive to
2006, and by 2010 this will be 3 cents per hour. Now, that may not seem
like much, but consider that web radio has some of its highest adoption
at the workplace, where its probably not unusual for a user to stream 8
hours a day, 40 hours a week.