What You Need to Know about Structured Wiring

When I built my house around 4 years ago, I wired for a home network and 5.1 surround sound in my living room. While that is better then none, if I would have planned it out a bit better I would have included a few more drop points to ensure I would have to use wireless for my HTPCs. EH has a few good points to follow when pre-wiring.

Electronic House

Ideally, at least two runs each of Cat 5 and RG-6 coaxial cabling should be routed to at least one location in each room, says Marshall. Why two runs of each type of wire? One run of Cat 5 cabling can handle the incoming telephone calls, while the other handles the distribution of data between the Internet and your computers. On the coaxial side, one run distributes cable TV signals, while the other distributes signals from internal sources, such as security cameras and DVD players, to multiple TVs. In a nutshell, one cable cannot carry every type of signal.