Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 810 HQV Projector Review

Audioholics, fresh off their website revamp, have posted a review of the Epson Powerlite Pro 810 HQV projector. Surely you would think that the company that developed the industry standard when it comes to benchmarking displays would pass their own tests with flying colours. Of course they did! Backed up by HQV's objective testing was a battery of subjective playback from DVD sources.


The Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema 810 HQV is about as good as its name is long… and it's quite long. This is a projector with ample features for both consumers and the custom installer. Add to that the excellent quality and you have a product that is a cut above the slew of sub-$2000 models currently dominating the scene. With Epson, you're also getting a projector from one of the few companies that actually manufacture the LCD chips and lamps that make up the optical system. Sure, you can get a less expensive but sporty consumer model, but if you want the flexibility of multiple user settings, extensive calibration features and unmatched video processing – you may want to go with an Epson.