Will The PS3 Earn A Spot As A Media Extender

1Up.com posted an interview with Sony's Phil Harrison. While a lot of the interview is geared towards gaming, there was a tidbit included about the PS3's future digital entertainment abilities. He hinted at the PS3 having more content via broadband in the near future. We all know that Sony's shortcoming appears to be software and without them improving things sooner then later, you can expect them to play second fiddle to Microsoft's growing Xbox Market Place.

From the article:

1UP: Microsoft's Video Marketplace has been a
successful feature for them. Considering Sony is a media company, will
the PlayStation Network see downloadable TV and movies soon, or is that
a bit further off?

PH: I think it's incredibly important that we establish what
PlayStation 3 stands for. And I think PlayStation 3 needs to stand for
gaming and digital entertainment in the living room pushing the
envelope of high definition, pushing the envelope of broadband, and of
course that includes more than just games. We don't have the
announcements that you're probably looking for today, but it is digital
data. We have a hard drive, we have a commerce engine, it doesn't take
a rocket scientist to figure out we will have that on the network very