Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Desktop 7000

I stumbled across an article from the NY Times talking about the Microsoft 7000 keyboard. Now its time to figure out when the 7000 and 8000 keyboards will finally make its way to market. I guess the cool feature for me is a static electricity sensor that will turn the keyboard backlight on and off as your hands approach. I am a little worried about the integrated cursor control, as Mike found out they can be a blessing and a pain.

NY Times Article:

Entertainment 8000 Product Page:

Entertainment 7000 Product Page:

The $150 unit was designed for Vista, but it works with Windows XP. Dedicated keys call up the Windows Vista start menu, the Windows Live instant-messaging system and Windows “gadgets” — desktop programs that offer weather, news, calendars and other functions.

The keyboard, featuring a thin, curved design, is geared to multimedia use. The left side has what amounts to a remote control for all the devices that are connected through Windows Media Center.