I-O Data unveils internal / external Vista-approved TV tuners


Seeing how IO Data hasn't really had any TV Tuner presence that I've heard of for Media Centers in the past few years, I'm not sure if these will hit the shelves–and even if they did, not sure I'd recommend them since I've never seen a review. But competition is a good thing, so hopefully this just makes Hauppauge & Avermedia work that much harder on their cards.

Both units feature S-Video / composite inputs, 10-bit DACs, noise
reduction capabilities, and the assurance of functioning perfectly in
Microsoft's forthcoming operating system. Optionally, the
couch-dwellers out there can spring for the IR remote kit (¥4,230;
$36), which provides your standard volume, channel, and playback
controls, as well as a few "Media Center-centric" buttons to keep your
PVR on track



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