HP Dreams of Managing Your Digital Home

Its pretty obvious that everyone is chomping at the bit to grab a chunk of the electronic home pie that is developing rapidly. HP is ready to join the fray by tiptoeing in the waters with a few product releases. Its clear they haven't listened to me or their strategy would surely be different. The do offer an interesting TV that comes with a hard drive to pull content of a PC but other then that I can't really find much to get excited about.

From the article:

Hewlett-Packard is clearly benefiting from the shift in consumer preferences
toward notebook PCs. As the entertainment-obsessed consumer shifts toward ever
more mobile devices like hand-held video players and phones that can function as
mini-PCs, the company wants to be ready with always-connected devices that may
blur the differences between a PC and consumer electronic devices.

"It is
an important part of the vision we have," said Shane Robinson, H.P. chief
technology officer. These 'managed home' products may be the toughest part of
the company’s growth strategy to execute.

H.P. has been selling TVs for
several years, even selling them in Best Buy, the nation's largest consumer
electronics retailer. But it has not broken into the upper ranks of TV makers,
where Sony, Samsung and Sharp hold court.