Pioneer Ups the Ante for Professional Displays

Pioneer Ups the Ante for Professional Displays with Full-feature Plasmas Now


Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. is now shipping its new high definition 50”
PDP-507CMX and 60” PDP-607CMX commercial plasmas.  The plasmas take advantage of
Pioneer’s new PureDrive™ Pro circuitry, available exclusively in the new
professional displays, in addition to proprietary technologies to deliver
brilliant, sharp imagery with improved panel efficiency.  PureDrive Pro, one of
the industry’s most powerful signal processing engines, ensures the plasmas
maintain the purest digital signal possible with minimal data loss for smooth,
bright imagery that delivers the intended message to an audience. 

“With the increasing desire of a high definition display for use in a variety
of commercial settings, our new plasmas provide flexible functionality and
breakthrough picture needed for today’s professional applications,” said Jim
Krodel, vice president of industrial display for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. 
“Our plasma displays are designed for enhanced usability and performance in
single or multiple presentations, as well as for simple integration in larger
scale exhibits and event venues.” 

The new plasmas utilize key technologies that Pioneer has refined throughout
the past eight years of research and development.  Improved picture accuracy is
a result of First Surface Pure Color Filter (PDP-507CMX) and Pure Color Filter
II (PDP-607CMX).  These technologies also reduce the impact of external
lighting, allowing the plasmas to be placed in nearly any room environment with
little to no picture degradation.  The new commercial plasmas boast smooth,
natural image reproduction from Advanced Continuous Emission IV as well as
PureDrive Pro technologies. Ultimately, users gain a sophisticated presentation
display that is ideal for executive meetings, digital signage as well a host of
other professional uses. 

Pioneer’s Expansion Solutions™ technology greatly enhances functionality. 
Both the PDP-507CMX and PDP-607CMX possess dual expansion card slots allowing
users to insert a variety of expansion cards to modify or enhance the displays’
A/V capabilities for customized display solutions.  Expansion cards are
available from Pioneer and third-party manufacturers.

Pioneer’s plasma displays offer significant longevity for a commercial user. 
Sixty thousand hours is an approximate time for the display panel to reach half
of its original luminescence.  This approximation may vary depending on source
and type of content, settings, environment and use.  This approximation does not
provide or imply any warranty beyond the manufacturer's standard limited

The 50” PDP-507CMX and 60” PDP-607CMX plasma are now available for a
suggested retail price of $6250 and $9995, respectively.