Next-Gen DVD War Averted?

The signing of the peace treaty could soon be at hand! Sometime in 2007, a dual format player could be introduced! It is announcements like this that will keep me on the fence until an affordable universal player comes out!

From the article:

Broadcom Corp. has already shipped the industry's first dual HD/BD
decoder chip, designed into the first-generation Toshiba HD-DVD player
and into Samsung's Blu-ray Disc player.
Broadcom will also make its next-generation platform–a much more
highly integrated system-on-chip that is scheduled for announcement
soon—comply with both formats, while adding support for BD's latest

Broadcom hopes not only to cover its bets in an uncertain format
battle, but also to cater to the emerging market for universal players.
Asked whether such boxes will reach the consumer market before the end
of 2007, Don Shulsinger, vice president of business development for
Broadcom's broadband communications group, said, "We predict that the
most successful product will be universal players."