Songbird: The Firefox of Media Players

A part of the digital home is getting music playback whilst browsing the world wide web. Making its way into the crowded media playing market is a FF add-in named Songbird. The developers claim to have some old winamp crew on their team so it should be a decent product. Currently version .2 is shipping. It ships with all the major formats supported including a couple you probably never heard of.

From the article:

Songbird's web
playlist didn't find the video links on the CNN or Yahoo! News
websites, nor the ones on our sister enterprise, DL.TV. But it did find
some .MOV and .MPG links on other pages. Most video download sites
include their own player, but you'll occasionally have to manually
download a video file, which you can watch in Songbird (or WMP or
Winamp, of course). As mentioned earlier, if the program finds a movie
on a page, it lists them right among any music files in the web