Lumenlab Evo Video Projector

Famous for their DIY projector kits, Lumen Labs has announced their very own custom designed video projector. For a mere $499 you can get a 800X600 or 1024X768 projector that offers a 1000 ANSI Lumen output, VGA connector and component connector. The kicker here is that the bulb only costs 30 dollars to replace!!!

From the article:

The $499 Lumenlab Evo offers 1000 ANSI Lumens and features a native
854×480 resolution (it also supports 800×600 or 1024×768). Its most
practical feature is a low-cost 6,000 hour 150W HID lamp that costs a
mere $30 to replace. You see, most "normal" projectors require bulbs
that cost several hundred dollars to replace. The unit offers a
respectable assortment of component AV, S-Video, TV (coax) and VGA
inputs and cheerfully accepts RGB, PAL, NTSC and HDTV signals.

The first shipment from China will be available in late October. I
suspect they'll sell out before Christmas, especially since this
machine is designed to be tweaked by do-it-yourselfers because it
features a 7-inch LCD panel and a design similar to Lumenlab's DIY