Little Interest In Next Gen DVDs

I am not going to say that CEPro is onto something huge and that no one predicted apathetic adoption of the next gen formats. CEPro is the bearer of common sense today with their article. With poor roll outs from both camps and the task of trying to convince consumers this is not another VHS/Betamax deal is not going to help push units out the door. 

CEPro has gotten opinions from the custom installer point of view and the retailer point of view. We know the outcome, but it is still an interesting read.

From the article:

From all corners of the CE industry, it looks like it's going to be a
cold, lonely Christmas for the two competing high-definition disc
formats. Until we see a clear winner, we at Systems Inc. are
recommending and specifying DVD players that scale and upconvert from
480p to 720p or 1080i.

When used in conjunction with one a video display properly calibrated,
the results are spectacular. Better yet, the client has millions of DVD
titles to choose from when they go shopping, and don't risk ending up
with a one thousand dollar doorstop in two year's time