1080p Streaming Now Available

MyTVPal.com is set to launch a 1080; VOD and IPTV service this week. As you can probably guess the majority of the reported 700 channels available will be SD only with a small percentage being HD. As you can tell by my tone, I am somewhat skeptical but any progress in the HD front is good progress. 

Browsing through the channel lineup, I found a good many things that I would find entertaining. Not from a quality TV standpoint but more of a YouTube standpoint. Just different channels to surf and browse and have some fun. Maybe I can watch some crazy foreign game shows at 2:00 in the morning.



Ch. 100  Van Helsing – Enhanced Definition trailer
Ch. 101  Around the world in 80 days – Enhanced Definition…
Ch. 102  Tropix – Standard definition Trailer
Ch. 104  Wake – Standard Definition Trailer
Ch. 105  NABIAS – Standard Definition Trailer
Ch. 106  Behind the 9 – Standard Definition Trailer
Ch. 107  NABIAS2 – Standard Definition Trailer
Ch. 108  Ocean Park – Standard Definition Trailer
Ch. 109  Latin Drama – Standard Definition Trailer
Ch. 110  JPOP Music video – Standard Definition Trailer
Ch. 111  Into the Blue – HD 720p Trailer
Ch. 112  Spiderman 2 – HD 720p Trailer
Ch. 113  XXX state of the union – HD 720p Trailer
Ch. 114  Around the world in 80 days – HD 720p Trailer
Ch. 115  Euro Koncert 1 – HD 720p sample
Ch. 116  Euro Koncert 1 – HD 720p sample
Ch. 117  Euro Fussball – 720p sample
Ch. 118  Japan HD sample
Ch. 119  Jpop HD – Sample
Ch. 123  Euro Fussball – 1080p