HDTV Connections

If you think you are going to be unwrapping a HDTV from  your loved one this season, it maybe time for a refresher course on the different style of connections available. With all of the options that have popped up in the last several years, it can get rather confusing on what to use.  The basics of connecting any system is finding the right input for the output.

From the article:

On the top, from left to right, there are connections for HDMI/DVI (HDMI
Connector Pictured), including a set of analog stereo audio inputs (Red and
White), and a VGA monitor input for use with a PC.
<P>On the top right is the RF Coaxial Cable/Antenna Connection. Just below the
RF connection are headphone and analog stereo audio outputs (Red and White).On the bottom left there are two sets of HD-Component inputs (Red, Green, and
Blue), paired with analog stereo audio inputs (Red and White).