What’s on TV?

The fall season of 2011 has begun and we already have the first casualty in Playboy Club.  This is the first time I decided against recording any new shows that simply sounded interesting.  Normally, I queue them up and watch them at some point later on, often after the first season is over or the show has even been cancelled.  This time, I decided I already have enough backlogged TV to watch.  So, I’m waiting to see which shows get renewed for a second season and people are still talking positively about towards the end of their first season.

Here’s what interested me, but I’m also curious what everyone else is watching…For me, I watched the first 3 episodes of “new” Two and a Half Men and am fairly unimpressed.  Ashton Kutcher is no Charlie Sheen… and I mean that in a bad way.  While Charlie’s public fall from grace was a predictably ridiculous, over-hyped, catch-phrase-addled abomination of epic proportions, Ashton simply does not compare to the acting prowess of Charlie Sheen.  That’s pretty sad, too, when you stop and think about it.  Maybe it’s because Charlie actually didn’t have to do much acting.  Charlie was just being himself.  Perhaps Ashton should bring his own personal life into the show by starting to date Alan’s mother?

While Terra Nova did interest me, which, considering all the media coverage it received shouldn’t be much of a surprise, I just couldn’t bring myself to invest in a show which has so many things going against it:  budget issues being #1.  The premise isn’t half bad, with a bit of Land of the Lost meets Sliders (or maybe Back to the Future is more appropriate), but it’s just begging to be cancelled.  I simply don’t see how it could possibly meet expectations for a show of its magnitude.

To build on the “save for later” mentality I mentioned using in the past, I will add that we’re just finishing up Defying Gravity.  This was one of the shows I saved from its original premiere and decided not to delete it because there’s such a shortage of science fiction on TV, especially involving space.  The show is actually pretty good and I’m a little disappointed it was cancelled.  Thankfully, there were 13 episodes and it didn’t end conclude after the ones which actually aired.  Like Terra Nova, I suspect that Defying Gravity was cancelled due to budgeting issues and failure to reach an audience in a network-defined timely fashion.

Of course, I am still watching a number of other returning shows, such as Boardwalk Empire, The Big Bang Theory, and The Mentalist.  The funny thing is, I’m looking forward to more mid-season premieres than anything from the fall lineup.

Now, I ask the Missing Remote readers…  Am I seriously missing out on some awesome TV by not watching any of these new fall shows?  Or, did I make the right decision and there’s really nothing worthwhile at this point?

  • My wife and I were pleasantly

    My wife and I were pleasantly surprised by the Suburgatory pilot. Up All Night also shows some promise. Playboy Club and Pan Am were both pretty boring. Person of Interest is about as bad as I was suspecting, but I think it will stick around (just not on my recorded TV list).

    • Aaron Ledger wrote:

      Up All

      [quote=Aaron Ledger]

      Up All Night also shows some promise. Playboy Club and Pan Am were both pretty boring.


      Up All Night seems good so far.  Playboy club has already been cancelled and I’m sure Pan Am will follow suit.  Overall new shows are kinda weak this year.

  • agree with you on Ashton

    agree with you on Ashton Kutcher’s suckiness, he’s been pretty boring to watch. I’ve been sticking to most of the usuals…haven’t caught up on Sons of Anarchy or Dexter yet, but very much looking forward to those, plus Boardwalk Empire.

  • I’ve already axed Pan Am and

    I’ve already axed Pan Am and The Playboy Club.  I’m going to give 2-1/2 Men a little time to develop, but so far I don’t give it much hope.  It will likely be stricken from my schedule by the end of the month, if not sooner.  I usually try to record as many premiere episodes of new shows so I can take a look and see which ones I’d like to continue watching, but I already have more shows than time to watch them so my premiere list was pretty slim this time around. 

    I tend to avoid sitcoms like the plague as most of them may be funny at first but quickly run out of ideas and revert to the usual potty jokes and gutter humor.  I saw this with the first couple of episodes of the new season of The Big Bang Theory, which has me a bit worried.  I did watch New Girl with Zooey Deschanel and it was about what I expected (who doesn’t like Zooey?).  I ended up cutting it due to TV overload.  There were a few other sitcoms I was interested in checking out (Suburgatory, 2 Broke Girls & Up All Night).  I just don’t have time to watch them along with my current schedule.

    I have found a few shows that look promising.  Prime Suspect is a decent cop show and Person of Interest looks quite promising, assuming anyone that’s seen Passion of the Christ can get past Jesus being a total badass.  Ringer with Sarah Michelle Geller has me interested, if only for the fact that I was a fan of Buffy.

    I’ve got a couple of other new shows but I’ve not had a chance to watch them yet.  I’m intrigued by American Horror Story, but I can’t stand Dylan McDermott.  If it wasn’t for Connie Britton I probably would have passed on it.  Homeland on Showtime also looks promising.

    Terra Nova holds no surprises, but my wife likes it so I’m keeping it.  I find it entertaining with excellent CGI (about on a par with Primeval) and they’ve already started developing some interesting sub plots that could  make it more intriguing (just keep the smoke monsters to yourselves, please).  Unforgettable is OK and probably done well enough to keep it in my recording schedule.

    I’m looking forward to a couple of new cable shows that are coming up – Hell on Wheels on AMC and Boss on Starz with Kelsey Grammer.  Of course, there are other shows returning that have yet to air, such as The Walking Dead.  I’ll be checking out Grimm and Once Upon a Time when they air.  Grimm has been panned by the critics so I don’t expect too much, but Once Upon a Time may be something I can get my wife interested in (she’s unbeliveably hard to please when it comes to TV shows).

    I also liked Defying Gravity.  I think the problem was that it aired during the late summer months before anyone even knew it was on TV.  As for the current Fall season, it’s pretty much of a wasteleand as far as promising new shows are concerned.