D-Link Announces MovieNite


D-Link added another option to the over the top (OTT) media streamer market today with the just released “MovieNite”. While the name isn’t that interesting, features like 1080p, VUDU and Netflix coupled with a price of $60 are. The PR (available after the click) doesn’t mention if Netflix is the full fidelity experience (5.1 + subtitles) so we’ll have to […]

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MythTV 0.25 Released!

It’s finally there.  As of late last night/early this morning, MythTV 0.25 is finally available officially.  After a mere “516 days (that’s 1 year, 4 months, 30 days)” according to the developers, a new version is available.  This update has been long awaited in the MythTV community and it sounds like a lot of work went into it.  I look […]

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ZOTAC ZBOX Blu-ray AD05 Plus Reviewed


I recently had a Blu-ray player die right in the middle of family movie marathon night, leaving me wishing that my HTPC was equipped to take its place. An HTPC like the ZOTAC ZBOX Blu-ray AD05 Plus would have come in mighty handy. The AD05 is the latest in ZOTAC’s line of Blu-ray equipped mini-PCs. The base model is a […]

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Subscriber Growth Seen Slowing for Netflix, Hulu Plus

Netflix and Hulu Falling

Most conversations regarding cord cutters tend to focus on the impact of cable company revenues as subscribers jump ship for the considerably less expensive option of streaming media services such as Netflix and Hulu Plus. Not everyone sees this trend continuing, in large part because of rises in streaming media subscription rates. The Convergence Consulting Group has issued a report […]

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Comcast Subscribers to Gain Access to HBO Go on Xbox 360

Comcast Likes HBO Go

Last week, Microsoft unveiled three new video apps for the Xbox 360, including the highly anticipated Comcast XFINITY and HBO Go apps. Unfortunately, it turned out that these two particular apps would end up being mutually exclusive installations as the XFINITY app would only work for Comcast subscribers and the HBO Go app would not work for Time Warner and, […]

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Paramount Brings 500 Titles to YouTube, Google Play

Google and Paramount

Paramount and Google have reached an agreement that will see about 500 Paramount movies become available on YouTube and Goggle Play. The licensing only makes the movies available to rent and apparently only to Internet users in the US and Canada. Paramount’s movies will be added to YouTube and Google Play gradually over the next several weeks with rental rates […]

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Q1 2012 Streaming Media Services Comparison

Media Service Q1 2012

Our friends over at Tech of the Hub have posted the Q1 update to their comparison of major streaming media services for 2012. Unsurprisingly, all of the major services have continued to grow their catalogs, but there are a couple of interesting changes that might signal the beginning of an unsettling trend for fans of unlimited streaming services like Netflix and […]

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Amazon Instant Video Comes to the PlayStation 3

Amazon Instant Video on PS3

PlayStation 3 owners looking to get their Dirty Jobs fix have another option with the arrival of Amazon Instant Video. The app download is available directly from the XcrossMediaBar under TV/Video Services or from the PlayStation Store. The new app gives complete access to Amazon video rental and purchase options, and for Amazon Prime subscribers, access to Amazon’s Prime Instant Video […]

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