Paramount Brings 500 Titles to YouTube, Google Play

Google and Paramount

Paramount and Google have reached an agreement that will see about 500 Paramount movies become available on YouTube and Goggle Play. The licensing only makes the movies available to rent and apparently only to Internet users in the US and Canada. Paramount’s movies will be added to YouTube and Google Play gradually over the next several weeks with rental rates between $2.99 and $4.99 depending on the films vintage and whether it is in SD or HD. With the addition of Paramount, Google now has deals in place with five of the six major studios, leaving only 20th Century Fox to resist to pull of the Googleplex. Perhaps 20th Century Fox is waiting to see if they can convince Google to sell movies as well as rent.

YouTube has announced a content deal with Paramount which will provide access to nearly 500 new flicks. Google Play, formerly known as the Android Market, will also enjoy the additional content thanks to the new agreement. While what movies will be made available remains unknown, that number of movies could include more than half of Paramount’s films since the 1950s.