Paramount Brings 500 Titles to YouTube, Google Play

Google and Paramount

Paramount and Google have reached an agreement that will see about 500 Paramount movies become available on YouTube and Goggle Play. The licensing only makes the movies available to rent and apparently only to Internet users in the US and Canada. Paramount’s movies will be added to YouTube and Google Play gradually over the next several weeks with rental rates […]

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Digiboo Launches, Taking on Redbox with Flash Drives


Redbox knocks out one kiosk rental competitor and another one springs up in it’s place. The Morgan Freeman-backed Digiboo movie rental service has launched with kiosks in a handful of airports. Digiboo plans to expand to 7000 kiosks over the next three years, though presumably not just at airports. The basic concept may be similar to Redbox, but there are some fundamental […]

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