High-Tech Developments in Home Security Systems

If you throw the words Crestron and AMX around, people often connect them withwhole home automation, and “crazy expensive.” These HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) systems have expanded to control all aspects of your home, especially in your living room. As these companies have continued to expand their reach on whole home automation, they have had to compete […]

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Ceton InfiniTV 4 Manufacturing Revision Now Shipping

Ceton InfiniTV 4

Well, we noticed last week how quickly the Ceton InfiniTV 4 backlog vanished. This week, we find out one of the reasons why. The InfiniTV 4 has been revised to ease the manufacturing issues that plauged the earlier revision–great news! We spoke with Jeremy Hammer, VP of Systems Integration at Ceton, who said The changes were made to help streamline […]

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Antec EarthWatts Green EA-380D for $25 after MIR


Newegg has another sweet deal on a pretty good power supply for your HTPC. 380 watts of Earthwatts 80-plus efficiency power supply, which should be more than enough airflow. While it has an 80mm fan (I normally prefer the 120mm PSUs) Antec has been well known for having low noised products and the Earthwatts is no exception.

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Contest – Amulet Devices Voice Remote Control


Thanks for participating, this contest has ENDED!! We once again have a great prize to give away. Please note, we’ve modified the entries a little bit, so please read carefully how to enter below! This time up, courtesy of the fine folks at Amulet Devices, their Voice Enabled Remote Control for Windows Media Center! With an MSRP of $149 and […]

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Birth of an AV Snob – Part 1

Pioneer LaserDisc Player

Mike has graciously invited me to write a blog for MissingRemote and while I do intend to tackle some technical aspects of home theater in general and HTPCs in particular, I thought it might be useful to explain at least how I think I got into home theater.  After all, HTPCs, plasma display panels, and digital television are just a […]

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Blu-Ray Releases – April 5, 2011

You’ve all been making me more and more nervous with my picks, so I hope to redeem myself this week. Taxi Driver is an all time classic with Robert Deniro as a crazy cabbie. Besides that, it pretty much came down to some new releases. Little Fockers was more entertaining than I had anticipated, but it lost out simply due […]

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Just Launched Zediva Now Saddled with Lawsuit


A couple of weeks ago, we had just found out about the new video rental and streaming upstart, Zediva. If you didn’t catch that article, Zediva’s scheme for side-skirting Hollywood is to rent viewers a physical DVD and DVD player and then stream the output direct to consumers. Today, we learn that the MPAA is none too satisfied with Zediva’s […]

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