High-Tech Developments in Home Security Systems

If you throw the words Crestron and AMX around, people often connect them withwhole home automation, and “crazy expensive.” These HVAC systems (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) systems have expanded to control all aspects of your home, especially in your living room. As these companies have continued to expand their reach on whole home automation, they have had to compete with traditional security systems for homes that have improved and modified their products to support some of these features.

New systems from the likes of ADT, DSC, Paradox and other security companies have begun to integrate touchpads into their service offerings which offer a compelling argument either for those who don’t desire all the features of a Crestron or AMX system, or simply can’t afford the cost. While these are not exactly geared towards the home theater and customization as those do, the installation procedure is also not as costly.
Take the ADT Pulse system for example, which of coursebrings its traditional home monitoring security to the table. But in addition to this, they also have integrated whole home management and automation features. Items such as lighting and thermostat control will help save you cost from having your lights on more often than needed, and being able to automatically set when the alarm goes on or off is great for other services as needed—not that I would trust a Comcast rep to come into my house without me, but with one of these you could unlock the door remotely. The best part about the system, besides the sexy touchscreen, is the ability to customize and expand its capabilities as needed. You can add as many appliances, lights and even some electronic home theater components to your system.
This all becomes critical not just from a security standpoint, but with so many articles and attention being given to a concern of wasting power and going green, it’s good to see this type of evolution of product from security companies like ADT to a product which people would beinterested in already for their core competencies.

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