The Digital Lifestyle Show No 300–Prizes and Ed Bott

Now this is a momentus occasion, as fellow MVP Ian Dixon has finished publishing the 300th episode of The Digital Lifestyle Show! Quite an accomplishment, and now that we’ve been doing our own MissingRemote Podcast I give him all the credit in the world for being able to keep it up. It’s more work than it seems. I’ve enjoyed most of them, way to go Ian!

Welcome to the 300th edition of the show that started out in 2005 as The Media Center Show, it been great being part of the community and I love doing the show. So to celebrate we have Ed Bott returning to the show, Ed was last on show 250 last year and we take a look at how Microsoft have performed over the last year and where Ed sees Microsoft going in the future, we talk Windows 7, Windows Live, Windows Phone 7, IE9 and Windows 8


  • George L. Schmauch Jr.

    I’ve enjoyed most of

    I’ve enjoyed most of them…

    LOL!  At first, I thought you meant that you didn’t enjoy some of OUR podcasts!  <runs away>

  • ROFL, nooo, i meant that i

    ROFL, nooo, i meant that i haven’t been able to listen to all 300 of them, but the ones i did i enjoyed!

  • Big congrats to Ian. That’s

    Big congrats to Ian. That’s an impressive feat he has accomplished.

  • after having recorded our 3rd

    after having recorded our 3rd MissingRemote podcast, it makes it all that much more impressive. not just from an effort but reliability standpoint. Ian’s on point!