Ceton InfiniTV 4 Manufacturing Revision Now Shipping

Ceton InfiniTV 4

Well, we noticed last week how quickly the Ceton InfiniTV 4 backlog vanished. This week, we find out one of the reasons why. The InfiniTV 4 has been revised to ease the manufacturing issues that plauged the earlier revision–great news! We spoke with Jeremy Hammer, VP of Systems Integration at Ceton, who said

The changes were made to help streamline manufacturing so we can make them more efficiently (and as such get them to customers faster). It is functionally the same as the previous version, just easier for us to make.

Nothing has changed functionally with the card, you’ll just get it faster. Sounds to us like we won’t ever have to worry about a backlog. Thanks to The Green Button forum member Tookiewana for bringing the revision to our attention.


Ceton InfiniTV 4



  • It does look a lot

    It does look a lot less…substantial then my card.  As I’ve said before, just give me the non-beta tuner sharing and this thing is perfect.  Until the 6 tuner version comes out and I want that.

    • If you have installed Ceton’s

      If you have installed Ceton’s latest driver, then run the Diagnostic Tool and it will check your FW and HW and offer you any public update. Currently I think it’s FW and 4790 HW. The FW has the necessary pieces for bridging and sharing. While the FW isn’t beta now, I think that the sharing should be considered Beta.


  • me likey!!!

    me likey!!!

  • Will the six tuner version

    Will the six tuner version work with a single Cablecard?

    • As I understand it, most

      As I understand it, most CableCARDs will support 6 streams, but there are some that may not depending on FW or manufacturer. I’m sure we’ll get more clarification on this when the InfiniTV 6 is released for sale.

  • Does anyone know…does the

    Does anyone know…does the slimmer design or different chipsets run cooler or anything ?

    Any temp or perfomance upgrades ? A change in hardware or hardware layout normaly gives a performance change of some type, good or bad…