Shutting Off Demigrator.exe In Windows Home Server

YES!! I’ve needed this one! Although upgrading to the highest end HP Home Server last year helped a lot, I still will experience random stuttering during playback that I know is caused by demigrator peaking cycles. Here’s an awesome guide from Damian on how to configure this to run when YOU want it to run. The stuttering would last for […]

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WD’s TV Live Hub media box

Since we can’t review every media player out there listed in our Media Player Comparison Guide, it’s great to see other websites help out and handle some of the work. Here’s the new revision of the WD TV Live Hub, with some nice changes. In the realm of standalone media players, we’ve been impressed by Western Digital’s TV HD, which […]

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Logitech Harmony One & PS3 Adapter


I’ve reviewed various Logitech Harmony remote controls in the past and they’ve always seemed to impress me with simplicity as well as variety. Here’s a review of the Harmony One–not super brand new, but it is the latest. Note this is strictly IR, unlike the Harmony 900 which has RF, if that’s important to you.   If you’ve ever owned […]

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Weekly Podcast Roundup, December 9, 2010

So I was very disappointed to learn that HD Nation has been shortened to less than 20 minutes now–more so that they have yet to say anything as to their reasoning for doing so. :-/ That being said, CommandN which I’ve watched often released a new episode. While not Home Theater exactly, you may entertain it. Engadget HD Podcast 226 […]

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OrigenAE M7 – Stereo Amplifier


Home theater PC chassis manufacturer OrigenAE has consistently produced some of the most lust worthy high-end cases available on the market today.  Intended as a companion to their M10 mini-ITX enclosure, the M7 integrated stereo amplifier marks the company’s first foray into the audio space.  Offering impressive specifications at an MSRP of $595 this little aluminum enclosed 25W hi-fi is […]

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