SlySoft Releases AnyDVD HD – Adds “Speedmenus”


Every time a new release of HTPC Blu-ray software comes out I am amused by the standalone v. HTPC discussions that crop up here and at AVS Forum. While there is validity on both sides of the argument, there is one point that doesn’t get much mention, which makes the PC side a clear winner for me – SlySoft’s AnyDVD HD. The reasons should be obvious, because the strength of the product is that it provides the control and flexibility fundamental to why many people, including myself, use a HTPC for Blu-ray playback.

With studios pushing ever more intrusive advertising and blocking easy navigation through it all via restrictions, especially on rental discs, AnyDVD gives us the ability to skip through all of it and get to the menu faster.  Not content with that, now includes a feature that removes all of the cruft and draws a new “Speedmenu” in place of all the warnings and other “value” that stands between you and the important bits on the disc.

Check out the release notes, screenshots, and videos demonstrating the difference after the click… 2012 02 20 - New (Blu-ray): Added "Speedmenus" - New (Blu-ray): Support for new BD+ protection - New (Blu-ray): Support for new Java based protection - New (Blu-ray): Updated decryption keys - New (Blu-ray): Workaround for broken Lite-On (and OEMs, e.g. ASUS) firmware which caused creation of .iso images with incorrect size - Fix (Blu-ray): Support for new Java based protection - New (DVD): Support for new copy protections - New (DVD): Workaround for incorrectly recorded AVCREC DVD discs - New (DVD): Improved cutting of ending cells for movie only copies of some discs - Fix (DVD): Possible crash in RCE removal - Fix (DVD): Bug introduced in, corrupted file system with some discs - Fix (DVD): "repair defective disc structure" stage in AnyDVD ripper could cause PS10 errors with some discs - Some minor fixes and improvements - Updated languages


Normal Menu


    Speedmenu works great.  I


    Speedmenu works great.  I also found the CEO’s message particularly interesting.  Basically, he said that several new products will be released this year.  Slyplayer and CloneBD?  I hope so.

  • As the forum’s dedicated BD

    As the forum’s dedicated BD on HTPC basher, I just thought I’d post a couple quotes from the Arcsoft support forms which say it all for me:

    From my studies, it’s pretty well documented that if you experience 40 second stuttering it’s because your video card is running at 24hz and not at 23.9xx hz. I’ve read really good things about the Radeon 6450 for HTPC, so I wouldn’t give up on it. I would gladly trade my Radeon 54xx with yours, if I could.


    See the post by  stewart_pk  on page 4 in this thread.  I use the 23Hz option for most of my movies but I also created a ini file of the 24Hz option for some movies and created a batch file to swap the ini files for convenience.  I started with the 11.12 drivers and then upgraded to 12.1 and saw no difference.  The latest TMT 5 is not perfect obviously but better than 114 in my experience.  I still have audio sync occasionally at around 50 min into the movie but pausing/resuming fixes the problem for the rest of the movie.  My system is the AMD A4 3400 with the built-in Radeon 6410 which is similar to the 6450.

    So as long as your SO doesn’t mind you working around the occasional audio sync issue 50 minutes into the movie, enjoy!  🙂

    That said, I’ve upgraded both Slysoft and TMT to the latest.  Ever the optimist…