That didn’t take long. RedFox, back in business.

Ah, the Internet is a beautiful (and terrible) thing. Like the hydra, when one head is removed it is just replaced by another. Where there was SlySoft, there is now RedFox. Even new license purchasing will be back online ADN. Huzzah!

The king is dead. Long live the King.


Because Slysoft Inc. no longer exists, the former employees are unable to process credit cards or other payments that allow an AnyDVD license to be purchased. They will need to find a new way to process payments again and expect that this will take some time. Team member Tom writes about this, “We are working on our infrastructure. It will take 1-3 weeks until we can can process any payments.”

While payments can be considered the lifeline of the company because bills and employees need to be paid, this isn’t their main focus right now. According to Tom, “first step was to show customers that they can count on the new (old?) RedFox team.”

  • I’m glad they are

    I’m glad they are ressurecting themselves but their activation servers aren’t back online as far as I know so I can’t redownload my key. I have a link to it in my email account from when I initially bought it but I never saved it locally. I hope they get their activation servers back online soon somehow.

    Until then I’m using MakeMKV.