Onkyo – CES 2012


Checking out Onkyo’s 2012 audio video receiver (AVR) with InstaPrevue and Mobile High-definition Link (MHL) was one of the things I was looking forward to the most at CES, and I wasn’t disappointed.  Not only was InstaPrevue a slick way to view and select inputs (third picture in the gallery), but given how it seems to work I would be surprised if it didn’t alleviate many of the common switching-inputs EDID issues.  They weren’t able to share much about feature segmentation in the 2012 models so it won’t be known for a few months which SKUs will benefit from both of these features. That said, Onkyo has consistently demonstrated a very high feature-per-dollar ratio so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them in all but the budget models.

  • InstaPrevue is cool! Seeing

    InstaPrevue is cool! Seeing the inputs is so much better than guessing what the assignment is when plugging in new stuff.

  • Andrew brought me over to

    Andrew brought me over to this booth on Friday and I have to say I think I may be buying a a Onkyo reciever this year..This feature was pretty cool.

  • Andrew – You mentioned that

    Andrew – You mentioned that the way thatInstaPrevue works that it should mitigate EDID issues. Why is that? What is it doing that would help in that regard? Not that it isn’t cool in and of itself.

    • In order for the technology

      In order for the technology to provide screen caps of what is currently playing it has to keep the HDMI connection (including EDID) active.