Media Browser and My Movies Updates Abound

Media Browser and My Movies, two of the most popular media management plugins for Windows Media Center, have received updates. The My Movies updates are relatively minor pre-release updates consisting primarily of bug fixes and small feature updates, but the updates are spread across all of the major current My Movies products. My Movies for Windows 7 Media Center and My Movies Collection Management move to version 4.02 PR4 while My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 gets bumped to version 2.10 PR4. These are pre-release updates, so standard beta software caveats do apply.

 Update: MediaInfo DLL files updated.

Fix: Stop now stops playback correctly instead of leaving playback in lower left corner.
Fix: NFO for XBMC and BDMV folders are now stored differently.
Fix: XBMC meta-data now stores tbn files and not jpg files.

My Movies Changelog

 While My Movies continues to make steady incremental updates, Media Browser is making a big leap from version 2.3.2 to version 2.5 (codename Hydra). Hydra has been months in the making and stands to be a significant release. 

This version is 2.5 because it represents some fairly major internal changes in the product. This won’t translate into a whole bunch of new features but should mean better performance and reliability overall. There are also some bug fixes and a few new features.

Please check out the changelog for more details.

Media Browser blog

The biggest change in Hydra has been to shift Media Browser from local caching to utilizing a SQL database for the cache. Advanced Media Browsers have had the option to enable an “ExperimentalSQLite” option for a while, but SQL will now be at the heart of Media Browser. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing how this impacts performance.