The Roku 2 Review by ZNF

This is one of the first reviews I’ve seen of the brand new Roku 2 unit that offers a fairly nice supply of features starting at $60. We reviewed the original Roku XDS previously and liked it.

Roku 2 hardware is by far the most elegant they’ve ever produced… and how far its appearance has evolved from off-the-shelf components and generic look seen in the first generation Roku Netflix Player. The Roku 2 is quite compact and, in fact, will fit in the palm your hand. It doesn’t feel quite as solid as Apple TV, but it features a smaller footprint, more rounded corners, and clocks in slightly taller. But, at the end of the day, while Roku’s outward appearance may help move units in Best Buy, it’s the technological capabilities that folks should be interested in. And the Roku 2 line comes in three flavors…


  • Is the Roku 2 gearing up for

    Is the Roku 2 gearing up for more 1080p quality content? Also, when will local network streaming be added?