TViX Slim S1 Review

The TViX line of media streamers from DViCO has never made a big splash in the U.S., but they have managed to cultivate a dedicated following in the European and Asian markets, particularly for their DVB-T tuner-equipped PVR models.  The company’s newest streamer-only model, the TViX Slim S1, has been put through its paces by our friends over at Anandtech.  The TViX line has often been noted for its above-average UI and the Slim S1 seems to be no exception, but this new model might be giving up a little too much to the competition on the file compatibility front.  More importantly, it’s getting to be difficult to make that big splash in the U.S. without Netflix support.

Network setup and shared folder access (both SMB and NFS) were quite straightforward and proceeded without a hitch. TViX also provides a Windows based NFS server called NetShare which can be used to setup NFS shares on a Windows PC. These shares are automatically configured for easy access from the Slim S1. For the movie jukebox lovers who want nice cover art and all those bells and whistles, TViXiE is a well known and frequently updated option.

A detailed look at all the available options indicate that the unit is geared towards the discerning consumer. Though there is no source-direct option, we have native frame rate support. Depending on your display, various frame rates can be passed on as-is, or pulled down to the appropriate refresh rate. For example, if you have a NTSC display also capable of 24 Hz, you should leave Native Frame Rate off for 1080p25. However, you can set Native Frame Rate on for 1080p24.