Netflix Policy on Simultaneous Streaming Based on Account Plan

I always wondered about this, basically since users could essentially share Netflix accounts to stream, but guess Netflix caught on and have since locked it down pretty tight, only allowing 2 streams at a time.

Netflix is now limiting how many devices can be watched at one time on the Unlimited Watch Now plan. The originally had it where 4 devices could watch at a time and now they limited it down to 2 devices that can watch at a time, which upsets me because I have 3 devices on my Netflix causing me to switch to the Netflix 3 dvds at a time so 3 devices can watch at the same time.

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  • This does kind of stink. The

    This does kind of stink. The allow you to activate up to 6 devices. Those 6 should be able to stream. I have logged on a 7th before and had to go to and deactivate a device. I think they are maneuvering for a price increase because in the future when people have multiple TV with Netflix built in they are going to hit that stream limit often. I guess we should expect an additional stream charge in the future.

  • It’s understandable, but it
    It’s understandable, but it won’t really stop people from sharing account info. I think it’s more of a bandwidth issue for them. I have the streaming only plan. I just checked and I can stream to 2 devices at once. That’s really more than enough for $8 a month. I think people forgot how convienient NF is. They may have also forgotten the old streaming plans where you were limited to the number of hours you could stream based on the cost of your plan. If you want more devices pony up for the bandwidth your using. They’re still providing a good service for a fair price in my opinion.

  • Why don’t they just stop

    Why don’t they just stop people from sharing account info. 2 devices would be fine for a small household but for me this is what allows me to “Cut the Cord” and I’d say I get 8 dollars worth but I’d pay a couple dollars more for more programs to be in HD, have subtitles and allow for at least 3 streams. 

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    My guess is this change will

    My guess is this change will be just the beginning of precisely what you’re looking for.  They needed to take this step first to set the bar, then they can start offering additional options for people who want more streams.

    I also agree that this is quite understandable and it seems like it’s being done pretty fairly.  They could have pretty easily said, “One account, one user, one stream.”  (Note, that while they could have SAID it easily, I’m sure the users would have given them hell for trying that one.)