VLC 1.1.6 released, includes fixes, faster WebM decoding

VLC is one of the best universal file format players available for your HTPC. It’s not the prettiest in the world, but if you’re having trouble playing back a certain file you download…errr….found, then VLC can probably play it no questions asked. Lots of good updates for everyone, even Mac users, who knew?

The VideoLAN team has today rolled out a fresh version of the VLC media player which brings multiple security updates in codecs and demuxers, faster VP8/WebM decoding, MIDI support on Mac OS X and more.


  • I have VLC on an old P4 pc

    I have VLC on an old P4 pc with an ATI 4350 and when I play a HD file in a mkv container I need to make sure al lthe deinterlacing and other video options are off and also set the priority of VLC.exe to high in order to not have skipping. Do any of you gurus know if VLC can have a .bat file that I could run with a shortcut to set these options?