Cablevision’s Network DVR Debuts in the Bronx

Now this is interesting, only because we’ve been hearing about this for years from Cable Companies, and now it seems to finally be rolling out. I’m not sure if customers are for or against the idea of the Cable MSO storing all their recordings, have to figure privacy advocates are not fans, but from a hardware standpoint you figure they’re saving a lot not having to have those HD’s inside the boxes. Curious to see a review of this in action.

Cablevision spokesman Jim Maiella confirmed by e-mail on Sunday that DVR Plus was indeed launched across the operator’s Bronx service area on Tuesday, Jan. 18. The $10.95-a-month service comes with 160GB of storage — the same as its set-top-based iO DVR service — offering enough to store up to 100 hours of standard-definition programming or 25 hours of HD programming.


  • I doubt they record anything.

    I doubt they record anything. I assume they just keep a list of what you want recorded and then just stream it to you on demand. I doubt they will keep 50,000 copies of a TV show on their server when they can just maintain a pointer in your account to the show and the point in time within the show you are at. 

    Let’s see shome innovation. How about 4 – 6 sub accounts that can maintain their own list of recordings. So in my account I don’t see the Biggest Loser and the wife doesn’t see my Spartacus, unless we choose to see them.

    • IIRC, the way this works is

      IIRC, the way this works is that they must record the shows individually due to licensing restrictions.

  • Very interested to test this

    Very interested to test this out when it gets to my area. Would love the box to be smaller and generate less heat then the currenct Scientific box